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"I'll show you why mages are feared!" haha oh Anders :p

For a guy that's supposed to be a horrifying, possesed killer,, Anders is not very focused on destruction magic

Dragon Trick!!!! I love the look on Fenris's face. Like Hawke has been ignoring his talks to giggle about the dragon trick for 10 years

Also titled, "The Real reason Hawke went missing." I tried to resist, I really did, but now I have a notebook full of silly doodles that I penciled down. Let Sleeping Witches Lie.

True love by emedeme on deviantART #DragonAge  (Legit my Warden and Morrigan)

You know it’s true love when your girlfriend turns into a ugly nauseating giant spider but she’s still the most beautiful woman in Thedas to you (◡‿◡✿) .

If only Varric was a romance-able NPC. He's the only one to stick by Hawke without demanding anything in return and is totally adorable! <<< Not to mention how charming, funny, and sweet his is in DA:I.  Also, he basically adopts Cole and it is the cutest thing :)

Hawke and Varric Dragon Age 2 (omg why was varric not a romance option? All because of that stupid dwarf bianca T__T)

Hawke's New Recruiting Method by JPShieux.deviantart.com on @deviantART Can this be a thing for my next play through?

Punch them in the face than Recruit! Orsino is only the first. More Comics: [link] Hawke's New Recruiting Method