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The dodo and its kindred; London, Reeve, Benham, and

The elephant bird was the largest bird ever to have lived. It was a ratite, related to ostriches and emus, though it was unlikely to have been a swift runner. It had massive legs and taloned claws, vestigial wings and a long, powerful neck. Its body was covered in bristling, hair-like feathers, like those of the emu, and its beak resembled a broad-headed spear. It had evolved at a time when birds ruled the earth and had probably existed on Madagascar for 60 million years.

Aepyornis is a genus of aepyornithid, one of two genera of ratite birds endemic to Madagascar known as elephant birds. This 400 kilograms lb) animal was the world's largest bird until its extinction, about 1000 years ago. Here, a skeleton and egg.

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Collages, Montages, Collage, Collagen

Collages, Montages, Collage, Collagen

DoDo bird costume - Google Search

Plaster cast of the dried Oxford head and London foot of a Dodo bird, Booth Museum of Natural History, Brighton. The expression reminds me of my grandma.

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Compiled of highly detailed engravings and using the newly acquired technology of the printing press, the medical 'truth' of our internal world was able to spread further afield, throughout intellectual communities  and beyond. Vesalius displayed all the parts of the bodyin their entirety, the nervous and vascular systems and every bone in the body. His cadavers were robbed from graves and criminals, released by a judge who  was interested by vesalius' work.

De Humani Corporis Fabrica - On The Fabric Of The Human Body One of the best anatomy books that defined the century, created by Andreas Vesalius in 1543


Les plans de Londres en 1890 pour rivaliser avec la Tour Eiffel

Nils+Holgersson+01.jpg (255×198)

Nils+Holgersson+01.jpg (255×198)

3 - Osteologia avium, or, A sketch of the osteology of birds / - Biodiversity Heritage Library

Collages, Montages, Collage, Collagen

Natural history : [voyage of the S.S. Discovery...

Natural history : [voyage of the S. Discovery under Capt.

Scientists have completed a 3-D laser scan of the only two remaining dodo bird skeletons.  This is all that's left of the species.

Science Graphic of the Week: 3-D Scanned Dodo

Scientists have completed a laser scan of the only two remaining Dodo skeletons. This is all that's left of the species. Image courtesy of Leon Claessens and the Mauritius Museums Council