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on the edge

Underwood & Underwood Nearly a mile straight down and only a step—from Glacier Point (N.) across the valley to Yosemite Falls, Yosemite, California. Stereograph card, circa 1902 [From the Library of.

Victorian photo booth

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She’s resolute, charming and forward-thinking — and has been known to feed her chickens while wearing a ball gown. (Our kind of girl.) Meet The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, née Deborah Mitford. This reminds me of me, I would wear a ball gown

Here Are Some Of The Coolest National Geographic Photos That Were Never Published

A man and his dog on the Overhanging Rock in Yosemite National Park, Photograph By Educational-Bruce.

Some funny and weird black and white photos from the past. Even then people already knew how to make you wonder about the sense of a picture. Some funny and weird black and white photos fro

peach-blossom-spring: “ carolathhabsburg: This is super awesome! Two ladies making an elegant “snow Lady”! 1891 “The accompanying picture shows what can be done with snow, by those who care to exercise their powers of modelling, and produce.

A woman wore trousers in public for the first time, near Paris, summer of at the races in Auteuil. Her name is unknown, but this is a picture of her. Police men had to protect her against the curiosity and outrage of the crowd.

An extremely rare photograph of President Abraham Lincoln taken during his brief yet memorable stint as a paranormal investigator and eliminator circa 1864

The head of the Statue of Liberty on display at the World's Fair in Paris in This was just before its destination to New York. Photographs, World Fair Exhibition, Posters, pictures and photos

Better safe then sorry

Washington,D. ~ 1936 “Safety first for this little Miss. Equipped with pillow bumpers, Betty Buck is taking no unnecessary chances as she tries her first pair of roller skates.

A Gibson Girl in her corset in the early Those poor women!They also had their lower ribs removed to achieve the tiny waist