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" And we all know it is a scientific fact that James is Sirius' boyfriend (NOT in a romantic way! I know two people who are quite like those two only more serious.<<<<<< serious or Sirius

Sirius Black - The Marauders

Sirius Black - The Marauders<<<<<< well isn't that just cheery

19 Tumblr Posts About "Harry Potter" That Will Make Your Day

19 Tumblr Posts About "Harry Potter" That Will Make Your Day

I ship Scorpose…but is it bad that I also ship Scorbus? can I ship one person with a boy and a girl? I have a Scorpose board but I am beginning to think Scorbus is really cute and now I can't choose!

Hehe love it

James Potter can never be too full of himself. He calls his future wife beast!

Upbringing of a pure blood - I dislike this. It was his pureblood upbringing that made him the beautiful, sympathetic person he was, not because it was a good upbringing, but because it was a terrible one that he wouldn't allow to bring him down.

Remus and Sirius both say "Voldemort" because they have nothing to fear from him. He has already taken so much of theirs.

The marauders didn't fear Voldemort, they were Gryffindors!

Ginny is pretty darn perfect

I feel like James and Ginny would have gotten along really well. Like Harry and Ginny would start dating and Ginny would become BFFs with James and they'd have inside jokes and team up against Harry during Quidditch.

I mean like yea, but they went through this phase in the 70s-80s so.....

'He'll make me water his crops on farmville'