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So sweet! The one hanging upside down reminds me of myself at that age.

What even are these

This is probably the most amazing thing I've seen in awhile. I want to see a pointe/tap dance immediately!

And can handle pain like nobody else!

Dancers Have. Strength like football players. Muscle like weight lifters. Stunts like cheerleaders. Flexibility like contortionist. Legs like soccer players. Tumbling like gymnast. And can handle pain like nobody else. This is so true


I love the female body! I will feature HOT pics of Women in Tight Yoga Pants. I may slip in a few Sexy Cleavage pics, but I am all about Tight Yoga Pants and Yoga Shorts:)

So true dance

It's just me now.when that person gave up on you. You have the music and I have DANCE! Dance Quote - Words of Wisdom

when you feel sad - DANCE!

Hip Hop dancewear is the most diverse of any dance style. Dancers usually wear loose fitting or “baggy” clothing.

So true, that's totally me!

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