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Shooting Master, Arcade, Sega, 1985.

The Arcade Flyer Archive - Video Game Flyers: Shooting Master, Sega

Only repinning this because this kid looks EXACTLY like Jeffrey from 4H camp haha

You can be a Nintendoid, too, with all this cool gear from Homer's of Omaha! That is, if you were a young gamer in the early who bugged his parents until they bought such stuff.

Tribute — Pixel Art Poster by Matej “Retro” Jan  "It’s a tribute to all my childhood memories as well as recent cool things that have left a mark in my life."

Tribute Pixel Art Poster is an awesome poster created by Matej Jan a designer from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Matej is a passionate game developer with progressive ideas about the possibilities of the medium.

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Dragon Ball - Son Goku #GG #anime

Dragon Ball - Son Goku #GG #anime