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We are Earthlings.

I want my steak alive! Go vegan!

Pro vegan: I want my steak alive.

Fruits and Veggies

Here's to you, fellow vegan!

Being vegan saves the animals soul but also saves the human soul from a lifetime of violence to animals and from the deadening of their own heart and soul.

6 Cruelty Free And Vegan Sunscreen For Healthy Skin This Summer!

Being vegan saves the animals. However being vegan saves humans by sparing them from a lifetime of violence to animals and from the deadening of their own hearts and souls.

Probably you know the huge difference between a carnivore and a voracious vegetarian. What leaves you skeptical is, the difference between a lacto-ovo-vegetarian and a vegan. @HappinessBoxed just #clickopensmile and you have the answer. Here I have answers to the 5W Questions about being Vee-Guhn (vegan). Yes, that’s how it is pronounced. #vegan

Jumpstart Your Vegan Lifestyle TheVeganJunction is here as your vegan resource, a place where you can find information and links to help you along your way! New to the vegan lifestyle and need some…

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Not Your Mom Not Your Milk Vegan Animal Rights Anti-Dairy Tshirt

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Earthlings: The Movie - Speciesism, Vegetarian and Veganism is the Future, Increase the Peace by Ethical Eating, Go Veg!

Animals are our friends. And even if they're not your friends, you shouldn't have the right to EAT them.

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Memory Verse Printable | by Ashlee Proffitt

Memory Verse Printable | by Ashlee Proffitt

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