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Bell Blossom, Lily of the Valley. My mom had lots of these growing up. They now make me think of Snowdrops in Wales.My cousin Anita who lives in Wales recently went on a tour of the Snowdrops.

Tiki-Torch hibiscus

Pins are calling this a Fiery Furnace Hibiscus but I cant find it with info about the plant. I can find a Fiery Furnace Hibiscus but it isnt as colorful as this.this is a beautiful flower like a colorful pinwheel!

Fuchsia 'Ballerina'

Fuchsia 'Ballerina' - these flowers are perfectly gorgeous, if you want to have a true fuchsia bush then get a big pot to put it in that will be big enough for it to have room to grown further on.


Power Flowers - Verbena Aztec Dark Red So.the deer have left the native purple verbena alone, but they love the blossoms on this variety. Hence, the need for the fence.

Showoffs • photo: Steve Harrington

"If you've got it, flaunt it," works well as a philosophy for flowers with the pizzaz of this vibrant pair of tulips.