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The SpringTrap by Myebi

AU related, when Tex finally accepts his fate, and with that, his new name Q//<//Q The SpringTrap

GUESS WHO'S HYPED FOR SISTER LOCATION?!??!?!?!? IT'S ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zomg I did a comic today! It only took me *counts on fingers* sixish sevenish hours to complete x'DD and it wasn't even the one you wanted. Figuring It Out

[comic] First day of school by BelovedMeimei on DeviantArt

[comic] First day of school by BelovedMeimei on DeviantArt (of course that would be spring traps car XD)

Me: Panel 1: aw Panel 2: aww Panel 3: awww Panel 4: awwww Panel 5: O-O...

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The animatronics arrive as their actual respective animals… Freddy comes in and you're just like, "Well, craaaap…" Me: *Looks at Freddy part* AWWWWW YE!

Five Nights at Freddy's Mike!

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Me Right Now [FnaF Comic] by Kana-The-Drifter on DeviantArt

Right now I am that person and Ennard, Baby, and Eggs Benidict are holding me down as I am forced to laugh at exotic butters and hear the living tombstone and tryhardninja