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Eloise Wilkin

mignonnes illust de eloise wilkin - Page 8

Illustration from "Baby Dear", My baby sleeps in a cradle by Eloise Wilkin, Golden Press, 1962

My baby sleeps in a cradle Illustration taken from "Baby Dear" - by Esther Wilkin, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. Golden Press, Wisconsin, I love this book!

Illustrations- Eloise Wikin

familiar and real the pictures that eloise wilkin drew were real life

Eloise Wilkin

Eloise Wilkin - This picture brings back a flood of memories. I was always so taken my Eloise Wilkin's illustrations.

eloise wilkin

I love Eloise Wilkin's illustrations! Mother Goose, Eloise Wilkin, Little Bo Peep "Eloise Wilkin's Mother Goose", Little Golden Book, 1961 reprint) Illustrations by Eloise Wilkin "Little Bo Peep Lost Her Sheep.

Wonders of Nature

I still have this - The big book - another book with illustrations I got lost in! WONDERS OF NATURE 1958 Vintage Big Golden Book by Eloise Wilkin

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Elosie Wilkin, Baby Jesus in the manger From "The Christmas Story" , a Little Golden Book, by Janet WernerIllustrations by Eloise Wilkin

Illustrations- Eloise Wikin

Baby's Birthday, Eloise Wilkin, Setting the table from "Baby's Birthday", Little Golden Book, 1972 Editionstory by Patricia Mowersillustrations by Eloise Wilkin

Eloise Wilkin illustration.

Baby Listens - Illustrated by Eloise Wilkins 1960 by Western Publishing Company, Inc."Oh, what are the sounds that Baby hears When Baby listens with little ears?