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Bare-eyed Pigeon (Patagioenas corensis)

A photo collection of birds from Costa Rica, Bahamas, Dutch Antilles, Everglades, Florida Keys and southern Louisiana.

Ο πιο κοντινός συγγενής του ντόντο είναι ένα είδος  περιστεριού που βρέθηκε σε μικρά νησιά και παράκτιες περιοχές   από τα νησιά Ανταμάν και Νικομπάρ , στην Ινδία στον κόλπο της Βεγγάλης, ανατολικά στο αρχιπέλαγος της Μαλαισίας έως τα νησιά του Σολομώντα και το Παλάου. Είναι το μόνο ζωντανό μέλος του γένους Caloenas, η επιστημονική του ονομασία είναι "Caloenas nicobarica" και η κοινή "Περιστέρι Νικομπάρ".

The Nicobar pigeon (Caloenas nicobarica) is a pigeon found on small islands and in coastal regions from the Nicobar Islands, east through the Malay Archipelago, to the Solomons and Palau. It is the only living member of the genus Caloenas.

Ptilinopus coronulatus -Central Park Zoo-8a - Coroneted fruit dove - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Possibly Lilac-Capped or Coroneted Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus coronulatus)?

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WOMPOO PIGEON (Ptilinopus magnificus) - one of the most magnificent fruit pigeons in the Wet Tropics of Australia. The unmistakable deep-throated call "wallop the blue" is often heard in the lowland and adjacent upland rainforest.

Speckled pigeon

Speckled Pigeon Also called the African rock dove, the speckled pigeon is a widespread species in rocky or scrubby open areas throughout Sub-Saharan Africa

NZ Wood Pigeon

New Zealand Woodpigeon (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) endemic to New Zealand

Syrian Turbiteen Pigeon (Barbarisi Owl Pigeon) Pictures ~ ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PIGEON BREEDS

Syrian Turbiteen Pigeon (Barbarisi Owl Pigeon) Pictures ~ ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PIGEON BREEDS


Archangel, Pigeon

White-bellied Imperial Pigeon	(Ducula forsteni)

White-bellied Imperial Pigeon (Ducula forsteni)

The New Zealand Pigeon or kererū (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae)

Kereru - New Zealand native wood pigeon. These birds stuff themselves with berries until they are so heavy that they are almost unable to fly.

White-headed Pigeon from Australia

The White-headed Pigeon (Columba leucomela) is a pigeon native to the east coast of Australia, belonging to the same genus as the domestic pigeon C.