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Michelle RITTER - Rythmn - 2004 - wooden chopsticks, silver  - in '500 necklaces' BOOK

Michelle RITTER - Rythmn - 2004 - wooden chopsticks, silver - in necklaces' BOOK

Artist: Marjorie Schick Material: Unknown I chose this one for the way it drew attention toward the head and face.

Marjorie Schick, painted papeier mache "Spring Green Necklace Found on…

Paper Couture - origami fashion, headpiece with 3D construction - wearable art; sculptural paper hat; alternative materials

Paper Couture - origami fashion, headpiece with construction - wearable art…

Necklace | Mia Morikawa  ~ Kapow Wow Designs.   Recycled pleated faux-leather.  Not sure but i might just like it because its orange ha ha.

This necklace is intense and amazing.

Monies Radial Ebony & Leather Necklace | Santa Fe Dry Goods

Billedresultat for donna karan leather bead necklaces

GEORGINA HOWLING-UK  - London College of Fashion http://showtime.arts.ac.uk/GeorginaHowling https://www.facebook.com/GeorginaHowling

Georgina Howling - London College of Fashion

White statement necklace, big necklace , art jewelry

Paper Jewellery - delicate white necklace - contemporary jewellery design using alternative materials // Florence Jaquet

Pawel Kaczynski / bracelet "TREE" - silver,steel

Pawel Kaczyński: Since 1990 a jewellery designer.

Loughborough Textiles Graduates | Cache | Emily Wainwright

RE PINNED - Emily Wainwright using Cable Ties to construct exquisite neck pieces and sculptural form.

JOHN MOORE -UK Contemporary Jewellery https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=494955013866793=a.263943936967903.76800.263926753636288=1_count=1

John Moore Contemporary Jewellery, based in Brighton

Marjorie Schick, Wearable Necklace    http://pinterest.com/charsky/thought-provoking-jewellery/

Marjorie Schick and sculptural body transformation - gallery

Africa | Beaded corset from the Dinka people of Sudan | Glass beads, cotton, iron alloy and cowrie shells

Beadwork from South Sudan

Tools rule: top picks by emerging artists | the jewelry loupe Jera Lodge necklace

glamourdeluxerustandpearl Niche Award finalist by Jera Lodge.

Florence Jaquet, Necklace, 2011- Necklace: Majesté 2011  Paper, tagua nut

Florence Jaquet Necklace: Majesté 2011 Paper, tagua nut 38 x 38 cm

Necklace | Sowon Joo. Sterling silver.

This necklace tho. By Sowon Joo.

Jessica_Holt__BA_(Hons)_Contemporary_Jewellery__UCA_Rochester_2012_image.jpg 560×400 pixels

contemporary jewellery - University for the Creative Arts