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Soviet medallions scattered on Moon in 1959

Apparently an unmanned Soviet spacecraft (Luna landed on the moon in and left behind a ton of these little "We got here first! When we all move to the Gingrich colony, I'm guessing these will be SERIOUSLY collectible.

Space Vest | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

morphene-gimlet: “flight-to-mars: “With extended space travel, the sources of impure thoughts increase.

Soyuz Rocket

Soyuz Rocket


What space travel stamps do you have? - Stamp Community Forum - Page 11

Future Soviet Transport - from The groovy socialist world of Soviet futurism

Robert Oppenheimer and his apocryphal twin brother Joseph.

The Manhattan Projects Imagines Secrets More Explosive Than an A-Bomb

Forget the A-bomb: In writer Jonathan Hickman and penciller Nick Pitarra’s new comic The Manhattan Projects, the War Department worked on much more bizarre things in its secretive labs.

Cest une menace dun genre particulier que doit affronter la Floride : des escargots géants dAfrique, des mollusques particulièrement voraces pouvant atteindre la taille dun rat, qui prolifèrent rapidement dans lEtat du sud-est des Etats-Unis.

Une invasion d’escargots géants inquiète la Floride

Giant African Snails Invade Miami Florida by Jessica Harper; ABC News Photo via Florida Department of Agriculture/Division of Plant Industry

Soyuz 4 and 5 docking

Una imagen de la cosmonave Soyuz 4 y Soyuz 5 ensamblándose

Reign of the giant insects ended with the evolution of birds

Reign of the giant insects ended with the evolution of birds

Giant insects ruled the prehistoric skies during periods when Earth's atmosphere was rich in oxygen. Then came the birds. After the evolution of birds about 150 million years ago, insects got smaller despite rising oxygen levels, according to a new study.

Even before the moon landings people were dreaming of a life among the stars, and perhaps none more so than Philip Bono, a space engineer whose concept artwork is eerily similar to the contraptions used in space travel today.

Prominent Russian Jewish community figures have slammed public statements from a top investigator and a priest known as Vladimir Putin's confessor that give credence to an old myth that Jews murdered Nicholas II and his family in a "ritual killing."

Russia has exhumed Czar Nicholas II and his wife as part of a new investigation into the 1918 slaying of the Russian royal family.

Beaker Slaying Honeydew by wytrab8, via Flickr

But this is Artemisia Gentileschi’s Judith Slaying Holofernes (okay, Beaker Slaying Honeydew).

Blason de Lunik II déposé sur la Lune le 13 septembre 1959.

Blason de Lunik II déposé sur la Lune le 13 septembre 1959.

Turbine heart

쉴새 없이 뛰는 인공심장 개발은 한계… '박동 없는 심장' 만든다

This no-pulse artificial heart doesn't resemble an organic heart. Jeremy had one of the first LVADS.