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All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

just girly things♥ I don't even have a bf but when I do a total bucket list/girly thing

I want one so bad!

I want a house with a finished basement that include: a bar, a pool table, and a home movie theatre

i love talks on a bench :)

but doesn't everyone accidentally fall in love ? I mean do you meet a guy and go oh i'm gonna make myself fall in love with him?

Cover my bedroom walls with lights, pictures & lyrics.

✅bucket list ~cover my bedroom walls with lights, pictures & lyrics! my rooms like that


bucket list: watch the sunrise the the beach.I've seen the sunset at the beach.just beautiful!

Buy a homeless person a full meal and dine with them.

Before I die

Buy a homeless person a full meal. It did more for me than it probably did for the gentleman I purchased the meal for. That's the best part of random acts of kindness and giving back.

like tangled <3

Did this once and loved it! I dream of watching tangled with my future kids and releasing paper lanterns after we watch it and sing "I See the Light"


perfect bucket list: marry the person i can tell every little thing to - check!

I love when we sing in the car together

Have sing alongs in the car with me! I always sing alone in the car!

Winter night in New York.

Snowy Night, Brooklyn, New York photo via independentlyy. We need some Gene Kelly,singing in the snow.

I hear it's a  disappointment but I still want to go #BucketList #BeforeIDie

[ ] Eiffel Tower ~ I can half check this off. I have seen the Eiffel Tower in Paris,Texas! I have seen the Eiffel Tower at Paris Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.