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Needle Tower, 1968 aluminum & stainless steel 60 x 20 x 20 feet x 6 x Collection: Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.

Tensegrity and Bowen

Kenneth Snelson Needle Tower I need to investigate tensegrity further. This is just one example (some origami relates to tenegrity structures). There are boards too.

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Some words to describe this structure: tensional integrity, floating compression, architecture of life

The Mathematical Tourist: Needle Tower George Snelson

Slim and graceful, Kenneth Snelson 's Needle Tower stretches 60 feet into the sky. The structure looks too delicate to stand so tall, but i.

Kenneth Snelson (1927-2016) | 'Zig-Zag Tower' | 1997

Once, My study group and I made the same structure concept in Structure and Construction class, based on the idea of triple helix in human DNA. I never know that, there will be some one else think the same Kenneth Snelson

icosahedron from three interlocking golden rectangles

This is a unique way to create the golden rectangle. There is a video at the website please check it out and learn how to make a golden rectangle in this amazing form.