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babyghoulie: “This fandom seriously  ”

babyghoulie: “This fandom seriously ”<< deuceparker: do not judge us we are an interesting bunch

Viktor and Yuuri | Yuri!!! on Ice

Jaja tan lindos~ Yuri on Ice - YOI - Yuuri Katsuki - Viktor Nikiforov - Victuuri

Blades of Glory x Yuri on Ice. #yurionice #yurikatsuki #yuriplisetsky

meowpolis: “ Yuuri and Yurio encounter at the Cup of Russia. (Blades of Glory AU anyone?

"Viktor~" *grinds on Viktor* "My family owns a hot spring in Hasetsu you should come by and visit." *Giggles* "Hey I got an idea, if I win this dance off" *Puppy dog eyes* "Come to Hatsetsu with me and be my coach!" *Drunkenly hugs Viktor* "You'll do that for me won't you Viktor? Be my coach!"  *Viktor blushes and falls in love with Yuuri*

This part broke me when I realised this was why Victor actually wanted to couch Yuri aghskfsltfjz


I laughed so hard I stopped breathing and got light headed holy fuck

Seriously though I had to rewatch the WHOLE thing just to see it with this in mind

The key to the entire freaking plot and Yuri doesn't remember it. On the bright side, it shows just how adaptable Yuri is because he just went along with it the whole time.