Japanese fashion

Street snaps of lots of fun people at Harajuku Fashion Walk in Tokyo - with creative looks ranging from colorful kawaii to dark gothic.

after not being seen in a while, the Goto Sisters are back !!! link w/ some of…

Harajuku Sisters w/ Colorful Fashion, Cute Accessories, Disney, Spinns & WEGO (Tokyo Fashion,

Harajuku punks.

Japanese artist Tensei Sugahara in punk/gothic fashion & girl with torn net top, candy choker, and cat face paint in Harajuku.

Tokyo street fashion

Japanese kawaii model and singer Kimura Yu wearing pastel fashion including Milklim on the street in Harajuku.

NOW this is relationship/friendship goals ^^

Fairy Kei all the way. Let's take cute into the next realm!

Harajuku Girls - such strange teen fashion in Tokyo - want to roam the streets to see them

A couple of Decora Kei girls! I LOVE the mix of bright prints of their clothes, all the clashing red and pink, and the mass of accessories. just imagine these women walking down Fargate in Sheffield, they'd really turn heads!

Haruka Kurebayashi & Junnyan in Harajuku w/ kawaii fashion by 90884, Dress 'N Dazzle & more! http://tokyofashion.com/kawaii-90884-dress-dress-n-dazzle-harajuku/ … pic.twitter.com/NzagZMZA9R

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Kawaii 90884 Dress, Colorful Hair & Dress ‘N Dazzle Donut Watch in Harajuku - Tokyo Fashion News


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Harajuku Kawaii Style w/ Pompom Beanie, Milk Skirt & Katie Heart Bag Kawaii Harajuku Fashion & Pink Hair – Tokyo Fashion News

tokyo-fashion: “ Rinalee on the street in Harajuku w/ pompom beanie, Milk skirt, Murua boots & Katie heart bag. Her favorite brand is Katie and her looks are always super kawaii in the.