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Nordic God, Baldr by Righon (print image). God of beauty, innocence, peace and rebirth

VIDAR - noruega

Mitología Nórdica

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Wife of Thor. other from norse gods' art serie: Skadi Thor Frigg Uller Tyr Bragi Freyr Loki Idunn Heimdallr Odin…

LOKI - he is the JOTUN god of mischief and lies. Although the son of a frost giant, he lives with the gods on ASGARD because he tricked ODIN to becoming his blood brother. He has the power of changing his appearance (called Shapeshifting) and even gender. LOKI has many monstrous children, including HEL, FENRIR the wolf, and JORMUNGANDR the serpent. He and his children became enemies of the AESIR gods in RAGNAROK.

Loki - God of Fire! Trickster and giant of mischief other from norse gods' art serie: Skadi [link] Thor [link] Frigg [link] Sif [link] Tyr [link] Bragi .

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Norse mythology Verdandi.  From the Old Norse Verðandi meaning "becoming, happening". Verdandi was one of the three Norns, or goddesses of destiny, in Norse mythology. She was responsible for the present.

In Norse mythology, Verdandi was the Norn of the present. other from norse gods' art serie: Odin [link] Thor [link] Frigg [link] Sif [link] Balldur [lin.

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Skadi, Statue Viking Norse

Skadi is the Norse Goddess of winter, and the hunt, and is spoken of in the Norse sagas as being a jotunn, or spirit or goddess of nature. This wonderful statue embraces Skadi the huntress, portraying her as a woman of winter.