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Las frutas y los vegetales de color amarillo obtienen su color de los pigmentos vegetales solubles en grasa conocidos como carotenoides. Hay más de 600 carotenoides naturales. Son esenciales para el crecimiento y la fotosíntesis de las plantas y son una importante fuente de vitamina A para el hombre.

Eat the Rainbow - The Yellows Bromelain: Good Source: pineapple Benefits: This enzyme may ease indigestion and asthma. Cooking Tip: Grilled pineapple slices make a sweet, simple dessert, and chopped cubes go well with a little Greek yogurt.


Rocambole Garlic - Hot and full of flavour, they are a chef's favourite. High in sulfenic acid, which gives garlic its chilli-like burning taste, but quickly dissipates.

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White Rose and Green Grape Centerpiece . Sculptural displays of green grapes and creamy Vendela roses on multitiered stands decorate the edges of the dining room.

Peaches are rich in iron, which is required for  red blood cell formation.  Source:  http://www.nutrition-and-you.com/peaches.html

Peach trees, Prunus persica, are originally believed to have come from China to the Mideast through the trade routes known to extend to Turkey and Iran (Persia). The peach seeds could be used to plant and grow trees throughout North A