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jm: aww yoongi hyung is so adorable.. LIKE A KITTEN

Suga could have chartreuse or teal or full-on white hair and I'd be supportive 💯

He is too good for this world

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S de Sensacional  U de Um vem na minha casa G de Gostoso A de Ai ai ai assim você mata o papai

“ 160103 bundang fansign by clattering suga。 thank you! ◇ please do not edit, and take out with credit。 ”

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Look at his left wrist! I mean, why on earth Yoongi is so SLIM at every body part?

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BOOK 1 of Shit Min Yoongi said and did. [+] some weird ass author notes + spazz FIRE era -> BST era Note: Min Yoongi is not lazy. He just know how to live i.

@민선나 || Min Seon Na || ι яαρ αη∂ у'αℓℓ gєт тυяηє∂ ση ву мαн тσηgυє тє¢нησℓσgу

He looks like Uncle Sam but for SK and with more sex appeal

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Minhas Capas Para Celular {Completa}