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the ghost and the darkness

Thor built motorcycles but might have been best know for selling parts to other motorcycle manufacturing companies.

vintage motorcycles | ... vintage motorcycles are those that were built between the wars

Harley-Davidson Pea Shooter

Harley-Davidson Pea Shooter: the lightweight racing ‘Pea Shooters’ had an elegant style that has worn well over the years. These very rapid singles came into being after the AMA launched a cubic inch’ racing class in

Classic board trackers like this impeccable 1911 Indian Board Track Racer are becoming harder and harder to find and locating an example as...

1911 Indian Board Track Racer

1918 Excelsior Series 18 Motorcycle

The 1918 Excelsior Series 18 v-twin 61 c. Notice the distinctively shaped front fender which is relieved so as not to encumber the fork members.