sebastian stan, bucky barnes | Tumblr

sebastian stan, bucky barnes | Tumblr

I have this next gen Marvel OC who is Bucky Barnes' son, and this pic is pretty much how I imagine him in my head.

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Oh my goddd! I think my heart stopped beating for a while. I can't go to Wizard World Philly so I'm very jealous with the fans who can meet him, take his sign and hold him and take some photos =((

Plus one gif of his back in running action:

A Variety Of Photos Of Sebastian Stan Working Out At The Gym

YES, this is Sebastian Stan's back while running at a gym! (during Winter Soldier training) .so he may not have so much muslcle now :P OMG, that shoulder muslces! that powerful moves!

Okay... so if I threw a snowball or pillow at him, and he gave me that look... I think I should run!!!

Sebastian and Friends — Sebastian Stan Gif Hunt --- loved him in 'The Covenant'

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan

Such a pumpkin

Bucky's mouth fell open and he smiled bigger than she'd seen him smile since their wedding.



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He looks so seductive right here || Bucky Barnes || The Winter Soldier || Sebastian Stan

This is possibly my favorite Bucky moment. He doesn't fight the mouth guard, he doesn't just passively accept it, he leans forward and *takes* it.