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Mbete People c 1900 Legion d' honneur San francisco

Mbete - Half-figure of a man on a prestige stool Date: century Location: Not on display Century: Century AD Media: Wood, Pigment, Cowry Shells, Fiber And Metal Dimensions: 28 x 7 x 7 in.

18 ideas más para tu tablero mascaras

18 ideas más para tu tablero mascaras

Costa de Marfil

GREBO Mask, Ivory Coast - Grebo masks are characterized by an elongated nose and tubular eyes. Since the masks often have multiple pairs of eyes, they may depict seers.

19th–20th century, Bwa peoples,  Burkina Faso, Black Volta River region. Medium: Wood, pigment, fiber Dimensions: H. 72 x W....

Plank Mask Nwantantay Bwa people Black Volta River region of Burkina Faso ca.

Africa | Oiseau Nuna Mask from Bwa Gurunsi people of Burkina Faso | Wood, pigment and patina | Mid 20th century

Tribal african bwa gurunsi oiseau nuna mask burkina faso ex handley collection


Africa - Figure from the LUBA people of the DR CONGO - Early century - Likely to have had a religious or ceremonial purpose.

Moba Figure

Moba Figure

Mask (Kanaga) - One of the most popular types of masks in the Sanga region is the type known as kanaga. Like other Dogon masks, kanaga masks are worn at rituals called dama, whose goal is to transport the souls of deceased family members away from the village and to enhance the prestige of the deceased and hi...

Masquerade Hood (Kanaga) -Date: Century -Geography: Mali -Culture: Dogon peoples -Medium: Wood, fiber (savseveria), hide, pigment Classifications: Textiles-Costume

a striking Tsimshian mask with shell inlay (circa 1800-1850),

a striking Tsimshian mask with shell inlay (circa Circa is a Latin word.

Grebo. Costa de Marfil

Grebo mask with bird beak and six tubular eyes from Ivory Coast or possibly Liberia. Abstract masks of this type had a great influence over Cubism in the early part of the century.

Africa | Kpélié mask from the Senufo people of the Ivory Coast | Wood

Senufo Kpeliye'e Mask, Ivory Coast_just amazing and inspiring for creating architectural shapes

"Africa | Helmet mask from the Suku people of DR Congo | Wood and pigment."

Helmet mask from the Suku people of DR Congo, Wood and pigment.