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rhamphotheca:  octopoda: Squids and Octopus - 2 Sided 1972 Encyclopedia Book Plate (via mysunshinevintage on Etsy.)

I really like botanical illustrations like this--that could be one approach to design, making it look old-timey and detailed like this. Squids and Octopus - 2 Sided 1972 Encyclopedia Book Plate

Beleza da natureza

Bronze octopus sculpture by Kirk McGuire. The artist has a photographic memory and has sculpted many times from memory alone.

Blue-ringed Octopus on sponge

Stock Photo of Blue-ringed Octopus on sponge. High Quality Southern Blue-ringed Octopus Images and Gloss Prints are available from Oceanwide Images Stock Photo Library.


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Blue ring octopus

Of mushrooms and women it is said, the most beautiful are the most dangerous. That saying might as well go with octopuses, as blue ringed octopuses are among the most beautiful and colourful octopus species.

Australia Is Absolutely Terrifying! The blue-ringed octopus is a beautiful creature, but it's also recognized as one of the world's deadliest marine animals. The reason this poisonous octopus is so deadly is that there is currently no antivenom developed to counteract its bite.- Swifty.com

Blue-Ringed Death Octopus the world's deadliest marine animals. There is currently no Antivenom.

octopus vulgaris

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The most intelligent invertebrate - octopus. One species even uses coconut shells to build shelters. User of tools, anyone?

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