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I love these bottles but I have no idea what is in them.

I love these bottles but I have no idea what is in them.


Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Fabrice (Student Work)


50 Beautiful and Effective Package Designs - Think Fish packages, fun and funky with hand-drawn type

packaging fish - Pesquisa Google

ICA (Supermarket and grocery store) packaging - Mats Johansson: Illustrations + Characters + Toys

Минимализм в оформлении компенсируется яркостью упаковки.

Basin - Studio MPLS > Package design Beautifully done! love the colors and simple illustration.


Foundry Collective

Tin can packaging, type and patterns for Wiliams Sonoma by Foundry Co.

Simple simple simple... fits my design philosophy to a T!

Ballard Bee Company honey packaging - shape of bottom - tiny hexagon symbol + Bh logo (for the periodic table of element concept)

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Amy's Ice Cream branding - The delicious dairy dessert’s image is typically quite vanilla, so Amy’s Ice Cream branding is a solid attempt to restore the rap of a .

Mount Macedon Kitchen

Mount Macedon Kitchen