‘Forest’ and Other Interpretations of Nature by Jamie Mills: A series of drawings by English artist, illustrator animator Jamie Mills show commodified fragments of fauna and flora exhibited as art-pieces in Damien Hirst-like vitrines.

Leonie Bos is a Dutch illustrator who reproduces a traditional printmaking effect through digital techniques. Many of her works include architectural views, details of interiors or colorful exteriors of corners of cities. The grainy texture and the colors palette set a slightly vintage tone to...

Leonie Bos’ Ideal Abode

Leonie Bos is a Dutch artist who grew up in a home of her father’s design, so she naturally became hyper-aware and passionate about architecture from an early a

With rich photography and bright, contemporary illustrations by Marie-Laure Cruschi, this international spread of rustic sanctuaries is at once a showcase of architectural and eco-friendly innovation and an inspiration for low-impact living.. Published by TASCHEN Books


Cabins by Philip Jodidio. A little early for your Christmas shopping lists, but this 464 page Taschen book is a cabin lovers dream - perfect for the coffee table.


Визуализация тож самое только архитектурные термины Entre graphisme, photographie, géométrie et architecture, travail du photographe russe Alexey Bogolepov.

These Fantastical Architectural Illustrations Are Made Using Autocad | ArchDaily

These Fantastical Architectural Illustrations Are Made Using Autocad

A selection of works by Bristol-based illustrator Harriet Lee-Merrion. More images below. Harriet Lee-Merrion’s Website

Illustrator Spotlight: Harriet Lee-Merrion