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Melbourne fan Scott Dobosc made this table top to sit on his pool table. Impressive job but the punchline is that the top is made from scrap pallets! What are you sending to landfill that could be re-purposed or up-cycled?

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you would be suprised! just saw a few places here and there, add some screws and wala!

Sans titre 598x800 Pallets secretary in pallet office pallet furniture  with Pallets Furniture

Pallets Secretary

Sans titre Pallets secretary in pallet office pallet furniture with secretary Pallets Furniture

1001 Pallets, Recycled wood pallet ideas, DIY pallet Projects !

adirondack 01 Adirondack chair from euro pallet in pallet furniture with Pallets Chair adirondack

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There are a lot of furniture ideas made of pallets. Pallets kitchen tables are in trend for building affordable or even free interior for your house.


Recycled pallet stools chairs -- I'm sure there is some charity out there that could make use of all the pallets I see by dumpsters every day!

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DIY Pallet Side Table

DIY a Pallet End Table! Pallets are so versatile and so FREE! (at least here in Northern California). Is a "very good thing" for folks like us doing a reno/restoration on our 1956 "Cottage" - on a TIGHT Shoestring Budget!