Angel Cakes Bakery: Girly "Minion Me" Cake

Despicable Me and the cute little characters, Minions, have been the inspiration for lots of parties this year.

Minion on a Paint Can Cake

So this year when she wanted a minion theme, this is what I could come up with , an all edible cake wi.

Silly Minions - Cake by Annie Cakes

My first Minions cake. Top one is chocolate cake. Bottom guy is vanilla cake. Covered in ganache and fondant.


What do you get when a minion dresses up as Mario from Super Mario World? A Super Mario Minion cake! Made by Deb Williams Cakes

Pirikos, Cake Design Okay....this one defies gravity!

Skipping Minion Cake - What do Minions love ! so this is a Banana and chocolate cake with chocolate filling. So here's a Minion cake (All cake from under of the skirt t till the top) Plus the table that went along with it!

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Minion Girl Cake Girl Minion cake made by Christina Pagan & Yesenia Figueroa This cake was a BIG one! Find us:.