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Shikamaru after the death of Asuma

I miss Asuma too. One of the times I actually cried while watching Naruto. Not only that but Shikamaru's dad is the best dad in the whole anime that we actually meet in a way


Wallpaper and background photos of Neji-ji-ji for fans of Neji Hyuga images.

Re-reading Kakashi Gaiden and was in a mood to do a short doujinshi about Kakashi and his team XD Pretty much about Kakashi and Obito, well acting like boys, naughty ones at that Kakashi is already...

Kakashi forced to babysit baby Naruto. Looks like little Naruto has an idea of his own, unmask Kakashi A baby sitting situation like this is pretty much the only time I& draw a baby Naruto.

Naruto - Yamato - Chibi by lilomat on DeviantArt

this is Yamato chibi-sized in his Anbu-suit^. the other ones: - Sasuke - Mizukage - Killerbee - Madara - Hokage - Gur.

♥pinterest➡@Nor Syafiqah♥

♥pinterest➡@Nor Syafiqah♥

Read Chapter 9 from the story The Last Toshima (Naruto Fanfiction) by kenzy_PJO_HOO (MXVII) with reads.Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction of the anime and.

First word that come to my mind while I see this.........CUTE

Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals Peek-a-Byakugan! OMG Neji you are so cute.