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Steve  Bucky — I'm having some MAJOR Steve and Bucky feels right now. :'(

Steve Bucky — I'm having some MAJOR Steve and Bucky feels right now. :'( <---- explains my situation rn

It was meant to be

''I'll never be convinced that someone else could play Bucky Barnes.'' Not to mention the duckface. :P / Sebastian Stan ♥

I will steal all your milk and pour it in your grave you do not do that to my precious Bucky

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Steve and Bucky, Captain America: The First Avenger & Captain America: The Winter Soldier.so many feels

Normally I wouldn't repin this because of the language, but I've never seen any post like this before.

''The asset might've taken down Captain America, but Bucky Barnes would never, ever harm Steve Rogers.'' This whole thing is heartbreaking. :( / The Winter Soldier

It'll never be too late... <<< KAKSJDJAKAKJEHDBDJD CANT

It'll never be too late - Steve Rogers is the most incredible friend ever!

Congratulations you have officially broken my heart again after i thought that after 30+ times of watching the movie it couldn't hurt me in a new way. I was wrong...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier -- holy shit, the attention to detail and the Bucky feels

Another perfectly necessary camera angle courtesy of Marvel

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"Don't hurt him, don't hurt him," the Asset's mind chanted, begged, before raising to an almost inhuman scream, "DON'T HURT HIM!!"

I watch OUAT and Sebastian Stan was spectacular as Jefferson so when I realized he was going to be the Winter Soldier I knew he had this in the bag.

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"Did it hurt?" "Is it permanent?" - visit to grab an unforgettable cool Super Hero T-Shirt!