Los Carpinteros Geometric Sculpture Watercolors

Houses and wooden chairs, being taken over by geometric glass-like crystal formations, amazing watercolor paintings.

El ABC de la cultura pop

Over the past couple of weeks artist Jeff Victor has been working on an alphabet art project featuring a pop culture geek icon for each letter. Victor alway manages to give us fun art to enjoy, so I hope you enjoy his latest creation.

Michael Kutsche

Character Designer Michael Kutsche

Me quedo con el Blas de trapo

nacho diaz - Don't be scared, but the real-life version of this famous character from Sesame Street by Nacho Diaz is a bit creepy. Depicting Bert from the.

The Joke is Fat

Now that I’m going to a horror convention, this will be the first of MANY spooky themed poster designs.

Galería de ilustraciones graciosas creadas por el artista Arthur Mask originario de Brasil

Galería de ilustraciones graciosas por Arthur Mask

SHUSHO - By Lisandro Schurjin:

Santa Fe, Argentina based motion and graphic designer Lisandro Schurjin impressed me by the huge fantasy illustration.