yes...he's my best friend. and yes im falling for him...but in my opinion...thats cool if i fall for him <3

when boys. learn how to be a gentleman i will be surprised, thats all he needs is to be a gentleman.

Dear boys if you cate fot your girl...

Quotes / When you get in a fight with her and she starts crying, just stop and hold her.

Aww shoot u_u ... September 29th my 31st birthday - would love to have Ryan sing to me =HELL I NEED TO GO TO LOUISIANA u___u, he's super talented beyond belief//MULE SKINNER & RECLUSE = BAD ASS AWESOME BANDS \m/

Win My Heart. Sing to me even if you sound terrible I don't care I think it's cute.

Be Patient!!! #parejas

because you WILL get EXTREMELY frustrated on me, and want to walk away.but give me time- i got this.