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Using Architectural Plants in the Garden

I love the Giant Elephant Ears. They're the backdrop for our newest flowerbed. Then there's Peach Delight Butterfly Ginger, Yellow Canna Lily, & Red Spider Lily.

Putting a sponge at the bottom of your potted plant.   RETAINS MOISTURE during hot dry weather.  And blocks soil leakage from the holes.

10 Clever Gardening Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Use Sponges to Keep Water-Loving Plants Moist. "Nice way to cover the drain hole, too, so dirt doesn't escape.

Resultado de imagen para plantas de interior colgantes

Here is another diy project for this spring, hanging planters for your garden or your home. To do the hanging

Want to add some excitement to your garden this summer? Plant elephant ears! These tropical plants can grow 7 feet tall with leaves as long as your arm.

Shake Up Your Garden With Elephant Ears

Want to add some excitement to your garden this summer? These tropical plants can grow 7 feet tall with leaves as long as your arm.

Want to plant elephant ears in pots!

Elephant Ears or Colocasia make a wonderful Modern & Dramatic Container Garden.plant with smaller tropical flowers like sunpatiens and citronella

24 stunning container garden designs with plant list for each and lots of designer tips! Create a beautiful colorful garden with these planting recipes!

24 Stunning Container Garden Planting Designs

Bottom pic: Dracaena or African Iris (center spike), Pink Geranium, Mixed color Trailing Petunias, green Sweet Potato Vine.

Another fantastic chemistry hack homemade lawn food. Easy, cheap and effective! Full tutorial for homemade lawn fertilizer on chemistrycachet.com

Cheap, Safe, and Incredibly Effective Homemade Lawn Food

I’m a big fan of good garden design, and architectural plants can go a long way towards curing any design flaws your garden is suffering from. Why? Because one of the major mistakes most gardeners... Read More

Using Architectural Plants in the Garden

para las macetas chocolate altas frente a pared blanca, sobre cama de piedras bola grises Agapathus  –  Show Stopper in the Garden!

Show Stopper in the Garden! Agapanthus requires full sun and a fertile soil which should be moist rather than dry, but not boggy.

Caladiums and elephant ears!

Giant leaves of Black Magic elephant ear (Colocasia esculenta) are not only colorful, but their tropical-looking foliage combines well with the patriotic colors of Pacifica Red periwinkle, white caladiums and Blue Daze evolvulus.

Planting a Shade Garden? From left to right, clockwise, Astilbe Fireberry, Lilyturf, Lungwort, Coral Bells. (whiteflowerfarms.com)

shade garden-Astilbe fireberry, lilyturf, lungwort, and Coral bells(the pinks)

What Size Pot? Use the guide for the minimum pot size for many vegetables and herbs. This guide is for one plant per container unless noted otherwise; if you want to plant multiples, go up at least one size. Be sure to give plants proper support. Insert a tomato cage or trellis in the pot for tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, and peppers.

A list of what size pot to grow vegetables in. how helpful! Might be why my chili pepper plant has only given use 1 pepper! How does my garden grow

Coleus - Rainbow Mix

Coleus - Rainbow Mix

Plants are about one foot high and ideal for borders and as houseplants. The rainbow variety is probably the most popular of coleus and this mixture includes the complete color band, from cream to dee

Garden Plans for Birds & Butterflies--Small-Space Bird and Butterfly Garden  You don't need a large yard to attract birds and butterflies. This compact garden includes wildlife favorites like bee balm, sedum, and butterfly bush. Taken together, these plants provide both food and shelter for visiting creatures of all sizes and types. Garden size: 9 by 6 feet.

Garden Plans for Birds & Butterflies

Create a beautiful garden that is easy to maintain and looks stunning. These handy garden plans will make your life easier and show you how you can easily create a garden for any space in your front or backyard.