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Recon Marine by AlexJJessup on deviantART

Recon Marine by ~AlexJJessup on deviantART There would be nothing "Swift, silent or deadly" about wearing all of this crap. I bet most of it would stay in a kit bag unused. It is an excellent drawing though.

Early Black Ops 2 Concepts_ASSAULT_head_alts by Eric Chiang

Small changes to a character's equipment can have a big impact not only on how the model looks but on how it acts on the tabletop. Concepts_ASSAULT_head_alts by Eric Chiang

Connall Argent, master marksman, and fiercely loyal to only two things, his team, and his code of ethics, while he is Scottish, he's got pull with the Mafiya, the Mob, IRA, and Yakuza. Under his hood and goggles, he has black hair and green eyes, and a scar on his left eye from that attack.

Mainly an Assassin in the future. Reminds me of Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Assassins Creed put together.

ArtStation - my concept art for crytek (us future soldier), Denis Didenko

new model for crytek (soldier vest). Low-poly with textures and hi-poly.