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Trying to enjoy your fandom without crying.

I love Crowley. He's not just the king of hell, he's the queen of drama! (gif set) "I came out to have a good time, and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.

It's interesting, because there was someone who did a gif set on tumblr with this song WAY before the season finale... crazy

"I can't escape this now unless you show me how/ When you feel my heat/ Look into my eyes/ It's where my demons hide/ It's where my demons hide/ Don't get too close/ It's dark inside/ It's where my demons hide" -Demons, Imagine Dragons

I hate that this has happened because I LOVE Dean and I love the person he is and I can't handle him turning into everything he fought against. Every move he made was to STOP the demons and now he's the very thing he fought and it KILLS my soul.

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That's my girl. He looks right in the camera for a split second Dean Winchester ♡ <--- I found which episode, it's season Slumber Party, when he mentioned that to Charlie.

#3. The Supernatural Fandom taking over posts that have nothing to do with them

Supernatural has a GIF for everything, and god, I love this fandom - the one that says ".but, everyone you sleep with will die horribly" and Sam's face, hahaha :)------If men had periods!