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A Patch of Skye

Roses and a coat hanger for odd wall art? Inspiration from Tim Walker.

"the whole sentence was written out in that most beautiful of all beautiful springs"

Spring is like walking into a flower paradise, dont you think? I love that flowers bring back the color in our lives after a long winter.

pink flowers bottle inspiration

Chic Decor with Vintage Bottles

Pretty much loved all the ideas featured in this wedding. Vintage vases and jars with place cards, table number, etc.

Anna Varendorff Brass Vase 11 - Most of a Cirle

Anna Varendorff Brass Vase 11 - Most of a Cirle Detail Decor Unique Single Flower Vase

Eric Kimberlin Bowley

Mix Home & Garden Ideas Hanging Glass Geometric Planter Healthy Home Decor House plants are benificial to your health-Natural Air Purification (Use caution some plants are poisionous if eaten by a pet or child) Serafini Amelia

Using a combination of magazine cutouts, dried flowers and leaves, pressed paper, and illustrations, Netherlands-based artist Anne ten Donkelaar creates these realistic and intricate designs, entitled Flower Constructions.

Recycled Materials Form Ornate Flower Sculptures

To know more about Anne Ten Donkelaar Flower constructions, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 13 other Anne Ten Donkelaar items too!

Isabel would've most likely had to use a broom. Isabel is a slave and slaves are required to clean. So, Isabel would have had to use a broom to sweep up crumbs and dirt inside the house. I don't like this pin very much because Isabel would've most likely used a dull, old broom, not a colorful, new one.

bohemian ☮ ☾ ✲ ғollow ↠ ↞ on pιnтereѕт & ιnѕтagraм ғor мore ιnѕpιraтιon ☪ ☆ ➳➳➳ Skirted Broom

I had a tiny pair of wooden shoes just like these pinned inside of my wedding dress.

Delft Shoes, In the past the Dutch farmers walked on wooden shoes. Some of them still do that, but nowadays most of the people are wearing normal shoes. Nevertheless, a lot of people still think they are wearing wooden shoes every day.

gorgeous mini arrangements #livinginstyle

so sweet + simple. Flowers + berries in mason jars // photos by Erin + Tara Photography // floral design by Cecilia Fox