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Design Inspiration 121 - UltraLinx

Design Inspiration 121

Design Inspiration is a series focused entirely on graphic design and UI.

Minimalistic messaging with some humor is rad. It humanizes the product. Also liked how the messaging on the back only shows when the contents is gone. Easter eggs!

Innovative packaging

Blk Spring Water + Fulvic Acid turns the water black. Clever black and white design that gives diversity to the bottle.

Red Diamond Wine Label and Package Design Before & After by CF Napa Brand Design

Red Diamond Wine Label and Package Design Before & After by CF Napa Brand Design

mybeerbuzz.com - Bringing Good Beers & Good People Together...: Cale Brewery - Monterrey Mexico

Designed by Suizopop, Cale Brewery is a craft beer company from Monterrey, México. The bottles features limited color selection with typography that compliments the design in general.

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Wine labels are important sources of information for consumers, as they indicate the type and . While it is not necessary for a wine to be bottled i.


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Tatabi Studio

I love the fun and cheerful illustrations in Elena Sancho wine labels representing the members of her family

turo mota recaredo

Celebrando lo pequeño, a lo grande.

6e3a2332935291.5699249d03ec4.jpg (1200×848)

6e3a2332935291.5699249d03ec4.jpg (1200×848)