Swimming with the dolphins

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ღღLa prochaine fois...♥

I am in love with everything about this picture. It makes my heart cry.I want to be on the ocean so bad. and the dolphins answer: fuck off, leave us alone, don't you see we are hunting.



Wherever we go, we're surrounded by sounds. Although we usually we take them for granted, they can sometimes be used in ways we didn't expect.

The worlds only bottlenose pink dolphin

"Pinky", the rare albino Dolphin who has been spotted in Lake Calcasieu, Louisiana, USA. The striking mammal has stunned both visitors and experts as Pinky is thought to be the world's only 'pink' bottle nose dolphin.

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins (Stenella frontalis) (by Brandon Cole)

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins (Stenella frontalis) by Brandon Cole. A most beautiful underwater ballet.


Dolphin Jumping at Sunset, Honduras by Gail Shumway Photography

Swimming with the dolphins. Doesn't have to be at sunset, but that would be icing on the cake.

Which Magical Creature Are You?

Nature Two Dolphins Jumps On The Sea With Beautiful Sunset Background Hd Wallpapers Ocean life HD Wallpaper