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“Siblings AU” is a Gravity Falls AU created by and me. In this AU, Reverse twins, Fight twins and Classic(Original) twins are 6 siblings, they are a few years older and are college students.

Finally done one Fight falls new comic! this plans to have 2 other part, but I'm still doing the storyboard.

Awkward sibling hug After beating up all the gnomes. Grunkle Stan : thank goodness there's no cops in the forest I decided to call the AU "Fight falls"!

Random Kingdom — Gravity Falls: Reverse Pines by Izzu-shi

OK this is an Gravity falls AU my own, and I named it "Fight Falls" In this universe, Mabel and Dipper are 12 years old as well, but they are F*cking good at fight, they .

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△ Gravity Falls ((open roleplay))- Bill Cipher △ i smirked and appered (your house) "hey sweetcheeks" sticks out my tongue to the boy