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はじめての えいごでおしゃべり えほん

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【用紙】ハトロン紙:表【色】黄・朱・水・黒・若葉.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る

【用紙】ハトロン紙:表【色】黄・朱・水・黒・若葉.jpg もっと見る

Dot Magazine! http://www.anorakmagazine.com/shop/

In this new edition, DOT takes its little readers on a journey under the sea! He turns into a sea animal for every new day of the week: Monday, he is a crab, Tuesday an octopus!

Volume 2 of DOT is here! http://shop.anorakmagazine.com/product/dot-magazine-vol-2

We speak with DOT and Anorak editor Cathy Olmedillas and illustrator Anna Dunn about their magazine for the under market.

Infografia cumpleaños Greenpeace

Infografia cumpleaños Greenpeace

DOT magazine on Behance

DOT is THE NEW creative mag for all little ones whose imagination brain cells can't stop buzzing! Aimed at pre-schoolers eager to think and learn.


おすすめのデザイン本「はじめての からだえほん」