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47 #Amazing Staircases You'll Want to Climb ...

47 Amazing Staircases You'll Want to Climb ...



Protohaus is a 125 sq ft timber trailer home! ProtoHaus is a timber frame or `stick built´ house that was constructed with emphasis on sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics. It is fabricated primarily from recycled and reclaimed materia

Beautiful spiral staircase.

The most magnificent staircase at the Musée Gustave Moreau in Paris . isn’t it just splendid? The most magnificent staircase at the Musée Gustave Moreau in Paris .

Wonderful example of hand crafted workmanship! A one of a kind staircase!

Pattern 212: COLUMNS AT THE CORNERS___On your rough building plan, draw a dot to represent a column at the corner of every room and in the corners formed by lesser spaces like thick walls and alcoves. Then transfer these dots onto the ground out on the site with stakes.(...) With this procedure, it becomes possible to transfer a rather complex building from your mind, or from a scrap of paper, to the site - and regenerate it in a way which makes it live out there.___from A Pattern Language

A gallery of timber frame home designs and floor plans by Great Northern Woodworks. Cottage style and Bungalow style homes, lake homes and vacation homes.


Explore the Three Story Treehouse! This is an attraction in British Columbia’s Enchanted Forest Theme Park. It includes fairy-tale characters and nature walks, but the highlight of the park is clearly the treehouse.

Can you imagine?

Specialize in customizing handcrafted log homes to fit the unique tastes of each client.