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Tuareg from Air Mountain / Niger

Africa: 3 young berber women from the Aïr Mountains in northern Niger/souther Algeria wearing beautifully indigo dyed cloth and silver jewelery

By Photographer Monroe Yohey ... lovely faces from several tribes of Tuareg nomads of the Sahara and Sahel who come from Algeria and Niger.

Tuareg girl from Niger. Tuareg nomad girl rests on her pestle while pounding millet, a staple food eaten as a porridge. (c) Victor Englebert

tuareg tribe

Tuareg lady and cross Tuareg Crosses often used as a form of currency to buy cattle, cloth or foods in terms of need © Kieron Nelson 1999 "Vanishing Cultures Photography" All rights reserved

Africa | A Songhai (aka. Songhay, or Sonrai) woman, wearing a traditional headdress; worn by married women on special occasions. The Songhai are found in both Gao and Timbuktu and in villages along the Niger River between the two. | Postcard from Gao, Mali

Ethnic Adornment and my travels in Mali . by Eva Lea Baby – Ethnic Jewels Magazine

Africa | Tuareg woman. Abalak, Niger | ©Kazuyoshi Nomachi

d-ici-et-d-ailleurs: “ Jeune Touareg, Abalak, Niger Photo © Kazuyoshi Nomachi ”