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Polycount Forum - View Single Post - THRONE ROOM - The Temple of Utu - MartinH & Minos

Martin Holmberg and Thiago Klafke from Blizzard Entertainment talk about the tools and their design decisions that helped to shape Temple of Utu – an incredible environment which became one of the finalists in the Allegorythmic Throne Room challenge.

Lady Gangster

Hall by ~SnowSkadi Digital Art / Drawings / Landscapes & Scenery--A very small part of what I think Onceupo's Throne Room would look like.

Underground City

Mathieu Latour-Duhaime presents a huge collection of previously unseen artworks he's made for Thief



deserted chapel concept by TylerEdlinArt.deviantart.com on @deviantART

C hitpoint studios 2010 will post link to the actual game when it becomes available deserted chapel concept


Art by Daniel Dorci -- Some sites on Urutsk seem timeless; older than the architecture and artifice of the Ancients;

Cenário: Interior de Castelo

Hallway by fooyee on DeviantArt. Man-oh-man, it's so amazing and beautiful and I want to write a story about it!