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I wanna do this!

They spell volleyball

Favorite volleyball quote!

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Volleyball is awesome i luv volleyball

My friends say volleyball takes over my life.  They jut don't understand my dedication.

For my fellow volleyball girls

Everytime. I can't say how many times I've heard this during practice

My coach telling us all day long.

YES!!!!! Everytime we do that we have to do DEATH DRILLS !!!!

You know you're a volleyball player when. Half the time I spend playing vball is on the floor. With certain teams u play in ur feet or on the floor

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hey when there is good volleyball going on you just got to cheer


volleyball/the fault in our stars fault in our stars/volleyball❤

and don't forget a 4-2

Or you are the friend/parent of a volleyball player and hang out enough time at the court to know this.

and then they start to burn when you bump them, and the next day you see tiny bruises up and down ur arms

Because whoever said this really dies play volleyball lol "No you know your a volleyball player when You get annoyed when someone say bump! And Your wrists don't hurt after volleyball!

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53 Inspirational Volleyball Quotes- I'm Volleyball coach.

You know you're a volleyball player when...

Get low when the whistle blow XD I couldn't resist

you know you're a volleyball player when - Google Search

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