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[GIF] Jared and Jensen interview. Jared's more like oh it's a normal sized umbrella -- Haha


[GIF] Jared, Jensen and the tiny umbrellas.


Dean and Sam guys


This would explain why I laugh when watching a scary movie I just imagine all the ways I could kill everything scary lol

I am so proud ❤

The Most Beautiful Apple Pie…

Last comment though. Older sister instead of big brothers. Love it

I just love the idea of the Doctor Who/Sherlock fans being supernatural's older sisters.

Supernatural taking over posts should officially be called being Winchester's!

When the Supernatural fandom takes over your text post - Guess I've been Winchestered

They're so cute

[GIF] Jared and Jensen talk about dog hair vs. Jared's hair and semi-manly dogs!

We're blessed to have each and every one of these wonderful people and this amazing (though sometimes a little emotionally traumatizing) show.


("I need you" is the Winchester "I love you".) So if Bobby is saying "I love you," that makes Ellen Han Solo.

Hahaha yes!

Jared and Jensen and Misha. Look at Jensen on the tiny dirt Bike!

Love this!!!!!

I love the brotherly moments so much :)

Supernatural and Pop Culture References

Display Ideas For Your Pop Vinyl Figures

Supernatural and Pop Culture References<-- Why did they pick Charlie talking to some random person when her and Dean said the same things to each other?

how to trap Demon Dean & Castiel together (aka Devil's Trap + holy fire)

Devil trap and anti- possession tattoo

My thoughts exactly

Found on

My thoughts exactly

He who hesitates disintegrates

'He who hesitates will be lost' -series of unfortunate events 'he who hesitates. disintegrates' -castiel angel of the lord XD <<< actually that is lucifer in season 11 episode 18