Always ship Stucky. I know it won't happen on screen. So give me my fanfic please and thank you

I love how basically any of the Avengers children will have the entire Avengers team as protective gaurdians

Love love love <<< why couldn't this have actually happened?!? It would have saved my heart from being shattered so many times! - visit to grab an unforgettable cool 3D Super Hero T-Shirt!

Without the language (face it, Steve would freak out over that) that is so perfect!--> no he wouldn't, they were in a freaking war and grew up in Depression-era Brooklyn and :)

Marvel says that's real friendship (and maybe it is) but I really feel like it's Stucky

Marvel says that's real friendship (and maybe it is) but I really feel like it's Stucky<< yes like almost crashing because of his bisceps? Come on he's gay for Steve and I am loving it


Obviously thug should know better Steve loves comfy stuff, fashion is dead to him, they are going to pry those ugly shoes or of hours hands

First part, funny. Once it gets to the lower part... nononononononono

I somehow accidentally started shipping Stucky and I absolutely love this.

Well, then. I think my mind has been blown for the day! I recommend you read every word of this (it's worth it), even though it's pretty long, because it gives wonderful insight into the character of the Winter Soldier!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Bucky feels! TWS had only two targets and Hydra never fully broke Bucky

Shit, this is way too much heartbreak.  This also comes to show how much I've fallen in love with Bucky's character because, for one very brief moment, I felt ANGRY at STEVE.  STEVE, for the crying out loud.  Just for being so noble that he made Bucky feel bad for feeling 'selfish' even though that is the last thing Bucky is.

The army is kind enough to stop him from killing himself with his own stupidity; it's just not kind enough to let Bucky stay with him. It's the first time his physical strength is hindering him from protecting Steve. It's not a pleasant sensation.

i just listened to this song bc it's nighttime and I'm the only one awake and now I'm terrified.

Look up типи типи бом (tili tili bom) it's a really cool sounding Russian lullaby. But if you see the translation, you'll know how perfect it would be for a Black Widow trailer.