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Avatar: The Last Airbender | Sokka versus the Universe | “You make it too easy!”

Sokka versus the Universe “You make it too easy!

He was Number Wan!

The Legend of Korra/ Avatar the Last Airbender: NUMBER WAN <--- I dont like sponge bob but I'll let this slide becuz it's funny<--- someone needs help. Not liking sponge bob is wrong

I like meat and sarcasm sokka better.

This movie ruins lives.

"Prisoners, am I right?"  "Yeah, Tell me about it."

Sokka Mingling with the staff at the Boiling Rock Prison. Sokka:"Prisoners, am I right?" Prison Guard:"Tell me about it.

No no I ship her with you! Jet is the worst person ever and Zuko, well.... We won't talk about that.

(look at what you did alix! You Made the avatar mad!

Sokka is so picky...

Sokka avatar the last airbender

you know how much I love pony humanizations....somehow these are just as if not more awesome.

Avatar animal companions in human form!

aang: Bonzu Pippinpaddle Oppsokapolis  *THE THIRD!!! XP

aang: Bonzu Pippinpaddle Oppsokapolis *THE THIRD! XP<----- if I remember right, this, Sato, and Beifong, are the only last names in both series

As far as fictional characters go - if Dean Winchester wasn't available I'd prob marry him

Bolin- voice of the fandom XD

IT IS! I wish i was a bender! More than anything! Airbending would be my choice <3

This is probably SUPER nerdy. but I would love to water/fire bend.