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For every correct answer you choose, 10 grains of rice are raised to help end world hunger through the World Food Programme.


This Powerful Interactive Billboard Shows The Horrors Of Child Abuse. (please remember that 112 is the emergency number in Europe, here in the US always call Be someone's super hero, Stop Child Abuse

That's smart

That's smart

We've rounded up some incredible facts and images that you might've missed.:

We've rounded up some incredible facts and images that you might've missed. If these are all true, I can declare my mind blown. Now tell me science isn't interesting

Facts, appreciate your grandparents cause one day they will be gone you can never replace that missed time.

The most romantic proposal.

Funny pictures about The Pride And Prejudice Engagement. Oh, and cool pics about The Pride And Prejudice Engagement. Also, The Pride And Prejudice Engagement photos.

Wow! Je lis pas souvent ce genre de post long, mais là c'était vraiment intense!

At First She Thought It Was A Prank Call. But Her Quick Thinking Saved A Life. This is Genius.

She Called 911 And Pretended To Order Pizza… Then The Operator Realized The…

Statistics on death. Vending machines? Really? I can just imagine the minister reading at the funeral," poor poor Suzy was sent to heaven last Tuesday in a horrible freak vending machine accident. I guess it ate her instead of the money or...ya know what? I don't even know...anyway she left behind 3 beloved children...and 1 unopened Pepsi.

Statistics on death.

Statistics on death. all the things that kill more people annually than sharks: deer, HS football, vending machines, falling out of bed, ants.

Nikki Hamblin....

Kiwi Runner Nikki Hamblin Stops Running, Assists Injured US Runner Back To Her Feet After Collison

Get your fucking country together and help other people for damn once instead of worrying about your damn private ass jets

Don't tell us that the country can't afford to send people to school Hem hem

That's so cool

Fascinating comparisons- though they're stretching the Roman/Ottoman empire timelines to fit. ~the great pyramids and stone henge were built at the same time, Anne Frank and Martin Luther King jr were born in the same year~

Math Shortcuts

math: Fun math trick and a visual representation of multiplication that actually makes sense and goes pretty quickly (aka students don't have to draw 25 groups of

Facts that sounds totally bullsh*t but are totally true

Facts that sounds totally bullsh*t but are totally true

30 Facts That Sound Like Total Bullsh*t But Are Actually True funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke hilarious humor fact facts stories funny jokes