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Big data y educación: datos, datos, datos...

Big data y educación: datos, datos, datos...

I Just Didn't Realize #motherofnecessity

My Aspergers Child: Does My Child Really Have Aspergers?

Beautiful sea view, let us enjoy it together!

Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance 738 Tracklist: A State of Trance - Intro Orjan Nilsen feat.

Sage, Mindfulness

Anxcious or stressed? These strategies will help you cope.  "Anxiety and stress has become an accepted part of every day life. But for many people the symptoms can be so extreme that they find it hard to cope" - 52 Ways to Overcome Fear  Visit for more info.

Understanding Anxiety Disorder: Types, Symptoms and treatment

Busyness has, to a large degree, replaced reflection. It is worn today as a badge of honor. But busyness has a cost, as does a failure to reflect.

Reflection: An Oft-Neglected Discipline - From a Writer's Perspective with Al Ainsworth

Maestro no estás solo: educar es cosa de todos

Maestro no estás solo: educar es cosa de todos


Metabolismo: ecco i 7 errori che rallentano il tuo metabolismo

Grab N' Go: 5 Quick Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings {Giveaway} - Honey + Lime

Resultado de imagen para sueños rotos

Resultado de imagen para sueños rotos

So There's This Pharmacist...  The Carol Series. Carol the Pharmacist is terrifying.

So There’s this Pharmacist…

Talk to a “problem student” WITHOUT them tuning you out

10 Stärken introvertierter Menschen:

10 Stärken introvertierter Menschen:

Sometimes, couples relationships suffer because one mate has anxiety, depression, or another mental illness. I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Sayeh Beheshti and discussing how to deal with this situation. Here's the link for the show:

How do authors show a character's emotions? With word choice!

Zlomené Srdce, Láska, Strata

Zlomené Srdce, Láska, Strata

Best Internet Online Business: Optimizing Your Blog  Post For Search Engines

Language courses are usually expensive and time consuming. Below are some tips which may help you learn a second language with fun and easy steps.

10 choses à faire pour changer de vie

Our life is based on the inevitable fact that "everything changes" and regardless if this fact is accepted or not, it will still happen. Resistance to change is where one's problem lies.

Change ta vie !!!!: 10 choses à faire pour changer de vie.  Changer de vie, beaucoup en rêve, quelques uns se lancent et vous ?  Article à partager sans modération pour que la majorité du monde soit heureux.