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Deux lionceaux du zoo de Mulhouse sont très intrigués par la présence de l'appareil photo.

Our planet may be on the verge of its sixth mass extinction - The Washington Post

Imagen de tiger, animal, and tigers

No matter how big you get, your mom will still try to clean stuff off your face.


Two Male Lion Cub Siblings; They are Alongside Their Mother.


A golden eagle chases a fox away from its food (© Stefan Huwiler/Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year

filhotes de animais selvagens

Two two-month-old lion cubs are seen in a quarantine room of the Kenya Wildlife Services headquarters in Nairobi. They were rescues by rangers who were forced to shoot the cubs' mother after she was spotted in a suburb of Nairobi

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beautiful-wildlife: “After the bath by Kyriakos Kaziras Lioness with her ​​cub after crossing a river ”


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Heart-Warming Photos of Animals Cuddling | The Weather Channel

Heart-Warming Photos of Animals Cuddling

For many areas across the country, February started off chilly. Lucky for us, a holiday celebrating hugging is here: Valentine’s Day. For inspiration, we turn to the Animal Kingdom.

Portrait of a young caracal in a farm in Namibia, July 2008 by Ignacio Palacios…

The Caracal (aka desert lynx) is a wild cat widely distributed across Africa, central Asia and SW Asia into India. The felid is considered threatened in north Africa, and rare in the central Asian republics and India.